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You really call it 'Feminism'

Recently i happened to read a Blog post debating About the Feminism that follows post a Hindu Marriage ceremony.

My post here is not in an intension to affront an individual’s opinion on Indian Marriage system but what i observe is lack of social responsibility while writing down an opinion which consists of very subjective thoughts which is being proclaimed in the name of  ‘Feminism’.I have recently read many such articles and Blogs which according to me dont seem the product of a rightful Comprehension of Feminism nor the customs that are being blamed to be promoting Inequality to Women.

It seemed like an endless thoughtless muttering of a richly meaningful strings of customs that adorns a Hindu Marriage Ceremony.

It all started with the ‘So called Awakening’ and mindless reasoning of Why we have Kanyadhaan? And Why not Putradhaan?
A very fanciful thought of Why is the Mangalsutra tied only by the Men and Why not Men get it tied by their spouse-to-be?
Another desperate attempt ridiculing the Sloka that is chanted while the Mangalsutra is tied around the Woman’s neck?
And some vehement comments on Why are there no Woman Hindu priests??

Each Religion in this world has a set of customs they believe are sacred and worth following.

Kanyadhaan is a pious ritual in a Hindu Marriage system where the Bride is given away by the birth parents to the prospective groom thus handing over the rights and duties of his daughter,their most cherished gift to the groom.

And for the men there is a ritual called ‘Panigraha’  where the Bridegroom accepts the Bride who is believed to shower his Household (Grihastha) life with Prosperity.And he vows that from then on he will take complete responsibility of their cherished possession and will ensure her Safety.

That does look like a well balanced ritual and doesn't seem to have any amount of ‘Inequality to Women’ tagged in there!!

A Christian Marriage ceremony also has this ritual where the father of the Bride escorts with her down the Aisle and says that he approves of Bridegroom as a best choice for his daughter and blesses the couple.This is known as ‘Giving away of the Bride’

The tying of the Auspicious thread around the bride’s neck symbolises the inseparable bond between the couple and  by tying it , the Bridegroom gives the responsibility of his well being and longevity to his wife.Infact it is believed that Now the Man’s life is in the hands of the woman.
Inequality?Now that sounds ridiculous to me to say that Woman are being treated bad.

Would you accept a guy who would sit beside with his head bowed down?

To add a wee note here most of the urban Indian women these days seldom wear this piece of jewellery (Mangalsutra) for it doesn't match their daily outfits and wear it  only when they wear traditional outfits.

The Magical words that remains the moment of Joy forever in the lives of Indian woman ‘“Mangalyam Thanthunanena mama jeevana hethuna Kante badhnami subhake sanjeeva sarathas satham”.
It is Sloka which means 'Song' in Sanskrit.
Well the sloka above says that “This is a sacred thread. This is essential for my long life. I tie this around your neck O maiden having many auspicious attributes. May you live happily for a hundred years (with me).”
Kindly note the words ‘With me’.The Bridegroom wants her to live for 100 years with him happily’.
Does that make you (women) sound unequal?

One such blog i read recently also asked a question on why we don't have Woman Priests in India?!Now thats history?Hindu scriptures does have a mention of existence of woman priests and this section of women were known as BrahmaVadinis who renounced the life of a ‘grihastha(Household) and spent their lives studying and performing rituals.
Well this wasn't as common as that of Men who outnumbered the women who decided to spend their lives performing rituals.That was because in earlier days A Home in itself was considered a temple because of the women who adorned it with their unlimited love to her family.

There was and is nothing wrong with our Indian rituals and Customs.They seemed to have given enough, infact a lot of respect to Womankind.But i guess it was a set of morons who failed to understand them clearly and ended up screwing the well framed customs to suit their needs just like these bunch of mindless writers who seem to have conquered audience in the name of discussing so called social issues ‘Inequality to women’ without doing enough research or analysis on the topics they write.

Dowry system,heinous rapes and sex discrimination has plagued our country but our customs or rituals are not the Sole contributors to this.Its the comprehension of these traditions that has failed terribly to reach the Masses.

There was a mention in one such blog about Woman being left all alone at the groom’s place with his parents.
During the marriage process it was us who took a vow to take care of the husband and his household with love and share a bond that will bring prosperity and Happiness.Women out there  remember the seven steps around the Agni(Fire)?
You are just keeping up your promise.Its unfair to complain now.

If you weren't cool with it you should have told the Priest at the ceremony.
You claim you dont know Sanskrit!!Well!!Hire a Interpretor then and make sure what your promising out there.

To add a note here Many women these days jus don't fancy the idea of having those in-laws at home 
We want a professionally well qualified , well settled groom but he should not take care of his aged parents who have toiled their entire life to bring their son to this position.
But it works really well if our own brothers are to take care of our parents.
Crazy gals!

And there was endless list of ludicrous questions on… 

Why Woman changes her surname after wedding?Why not the Husband changes his?
Why kids are not given the mother’s initials?
Why in-laws question the daughter-in-laws whereabout?

Cu’mon gals We are such a wonderful and strong race of Mankind.We were born to love and to share love.The more we ask such questions on Why this?Why that? We are just losing our way to harmonious lives.We are much better than what we were and our lives are much better than in other places in this world where Women are being deprived of the quality lives in the name of a Religion.

Its all in our mind.Look things around you with a positive note.Maybe its not as bad as you think it is.
Everything around us is Near Perfect but we fail to appreciate it and feel insecure about non existent facts that exist nowhere than your endless Imagination.If you look through a Loupe every trivial thing will matter in life.And eventually Happiness will fade away from Life.Questioning these trivial things might just make us 'Intellectually Disable' but definitely 'Its not called Feminism'

I do agree that there are cases of women being treated ill but that doesn't give us the liberty to question everything in the name of ‘Feminism’.It is our duty to maintain its integrity.

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