Friday, September 12, 2014

What A Challenge That was!!

Have you all ever wondered ‘What a Challenging world we live in?’

A definition I found online for the Word Challenge - a call to someone to participate in a competitive situation or fight to decide who is superior in terms of ability or strength'
Oh that’s completely incorrect!!!

All you need is Bucket of Ice water and pour it down your own head!!!
Once you have achieved this enormous feat you have infact done with
Virally Historic ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ and you are now eligible to nominate ten others to achieve this challenge. This is ‘The Challenge’ guys!!
And there comes a tag with this that you have donated towards a noble cause ‘Am—yo—trophic— lateral­— sclerosis’   - A neurodegenerative disorder which seems to more prevalent in the United states and Europe.The world rates of this disease are still unknown.

Charity is the word we use behind this Challenge – an act of being benevolent, giving and sharing with Unlimited Love and Kindness.
It is said in the Indian Puranas ‘by donating secretly one becomes free from all sins’
Well guess its time to reframe the definitions of these words in the dictionaries.
and restructure the Puranas too.

This is not to hurt my friends and acquaintance who already have their videos uploaded pouring Ice Water over their heads because I did benefit looking at the Lighter side of some friends who I never thought would take up anything ‘Sounding Crazy’. Its just that I m quite astound at the World I m looking at.

One of my colleagues posted his ‘Ice bucket Challenge’ and he was from Bombay the commercial capital of India. Around 1000 kms from there is ‘Rajasthan where a women walks for more than 14000 Km a year just to fetch water’.
Will we ever go to a School again?

Walking bare foot in the scorching heat offered by the deserted lands and across thorny patches of land these women walk to fetch a Pail of water to quench the thirsts of the parched throats of their family members. A Bucket of water that you pour over your head for fun could be the water that could quench the thirst of a family in Rajasthan.
Girls drop out from school as they are given the responsibility of fetching water for their family. And they don’t have Shoes from ‘Nike’ or ‘Sandals’ from the Mochis to perform the task that has traded their rights to go to School.
If for a moment we think about these struggling souls ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ would seem totally an imprudent act.  

There are people dying in Poverty and Scarcity in our neighbouring villages in India. And worth mentioning is most of the water in the urban cities in India is supplied by Lorries where we shell out 1500 Rupees to buy 12KL Capacity tanker. Do we really need an ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ at this rate?

I was overjoyed with tears running down my eyes when I read a cover story about some girls in Rajasthan who convinced their parents that they will study and are now attending a residential school established by a Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan-India’s Education program for all. That’s definitely a Challenge these girls have faced and accomplished ‘what they wanted in Life’.
Now that is what a True Challenge is all about! Fighting odds to become even

‘We have money’ ‘we have the resources we need’ Why not spice up our life with some odd challenges?? Oh there’s nothing wrong in it. If you really want to explore your lighter side there are many other ways you could do it.

Someone in Hyderabad – (A city in Southern India) started Rice bucket Challenge where you need to donate a few kilograms of rice for poor ad needy. Now why has it not become Viral in India like IBC?
Is it because the post says ‘Rice bucket challenge is not meant to show off. We search and give rice to those who are in need of it,” 
So you have actually nothing to show off or post a video on FB to prove people how generous you are? Or is it because 1 Kg rice in India costs about 38Rs.And donating three kilograms of rice (38*3) without any publicity is not worth it!!

This blog is not just to change the course of thoughts for my Indian friends and family .It applies to everyone around the world. There are many issues that are devoiding people of a quality life in many parts of this world. There are Orphans in Ukraine, Children fighting hunger in Sub Saharan Africa who need our help.
Maybe no one would write volumes about your donations if you do one or post a video singing a tribute but it would definitely benefit these young souls who are in need of our generosity and Charity.

If you are lucky to be living on the greener side on the world try helping the people on the ruggard terrains filled with filth from War, terrorism and Poverty to transform it into a greener one and making it a better place for us to live in

Note: I prayed that one of the persons i look upon with great reverence doesn't post his IBC challenge and he hasn't till date done it.Thanks Mr.Obama 

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