About me

 I am a true Sagittarius
 Nothing can hold me for long for i am freedom loving 
 And i try keeping people around me happy 
 but i’m always not successful because i tend to become    philosophical and you might just get bored 

 I Love to be irresponsible at times
 I laugh like a child 
 And admire the little things in life 

 Restless at times 
 wanna do something crazy at times

 ExTremEly unpredictable 
 And if something hurts me 
 The Archer in me comes out 
 Thinking he can jus bow down the problem
 If one problem sets down there is always another 
 But i always see it this way

'If u could get a solution for one you could get for the other one too'                            

Committing mistakes is the best part of life 
for u then know that your definitely learning your way to a Happy life
So don regret about past 

Life is all about Xpressions for me 
Emotions are a beautiful side of Human lives 
Most gifted is this race of mankind 
for we can Xpress anything 

If you think what you feel can bring a positive change in people around you
why not jus express it 

Sometimes hatred towards someone can jus fade away when you express it 
Only when you hold it negative feelings ebb up more and more in those boulders of our heart

So JuS XprEsS!!!