Tuesday, September 9, 2014


               I m back again with yet another opinion about a news that’s been making crazy headlines. A woman was recently arrested for her alleged involvement in prostitution in a five star hotel in Hyderabad. The Indian media exposes this woman as a 23-year-old film star
who has run out of opportunities in movies and took to this rather dirty job to meet her family expenses.Certain news channels also tries to debate on why the entire Bollywood and TV fraternity are keeping mum and not raising their voices in support to this young lady who was once a child artist and has acted in movies like Makdee and Darna Zaroori Hai and popular Soaps like Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki?

Sakshi Tanwar a Indian TV actor raises her voice in support of this star who was once her on-screen daughter and demands why the high profile Business men names are being held with the police in secrecy and why this girl was being subjected to so much humiliation by the media which seems to be doing a Band Baja propaganda about this actress and her being caught red-handed when involved in Prostitution.

     I don’t see her as an actress who seems to have won accolades and a few awards that do make her stand as an actress with substance. But I see her as a fellow human being who didn’t have some luck and ended up getting caught in an act that is illegal in our country while the rest of the us have been lucky that we haven’t been caught yet. 

How many us end up doing illegal or immoral activities on our day-to-day basis?How many of us do this ‘OH! I m late to office! OH this traffic signals! Let me not obey it for once today!And when the Traffic police stops us we bribe him to let us go! Is this not illegal?How many of us go to a Govt office for registering a land and to get the work done quickly bribe the officers there? Is this not illegal?How many of us ‘watch new movies in pirate copies at home? ‘Is this not illegal?How many of you swear that when u walk past a young woman dont stare at her assets? Now does that sound very moral!!Isn’t it?

All of us are corrupt in our lives. Hardly can one of us claim that we haven’t done a single act that was illegal in our lives. And most of them are for our personal benefit i.e. to accumulate property, wealth and for sheer entertainment.Then why do we guys make a hell of noise when it comes to Prostitution!Most of women involved in flesh trade are either forced into it when they were too young to understand its consequences and end up doing this for the rest of their lives because they have been in it for too long and hardly do not know to make money any other way. It becomes their only way to daily bread.

To many men out there, for women Sex is more of an emotional act and find it hard to do it when they don't have deep feelings for the opposite sex unlike like a Spur of moment that involves neither heart nor brain for most of the men. How many women are becoming victims of this spur of moment that arises in these Men who become beastly donning a Scar of lifetime on women?Encapsulating the feelings of guilt and pain that flesh trade offers them to earn their Khana, Kapada aur Makhaan is too much of agony to deal in a lifetime. It’s not a profession that these women embrace with pride.

Life is a question mark for me!!
A drunken father and a mother who takes up prostitution to keep her family alive and houses in dilapidated condition are the only reminiscences that most of these women involved in flesh trade remember about their childhood. Innocent women are lured into this trade by showing the luxuries that this trade offers them. Women in show biz after acquiring a celebrity status with all the luxury and suddenly devoid of it due to loss of opportunities also fall easy prey to such Flesh Mongers.

All humans deep down have a desire to live better. When educated ones who have an option to make a decent living but commit crimes and resort to unfair means to become richer faster…do these women in flesh trade really seem sinners when all they are doing is making a living out of it?
It is not in the best of my interests to support women who are into prostitution or encouraging this trade but I believe we should all understand that All of us are corrupt in a way in our lives then why do we try to blow ‘Prostitution ‘out of proportion. Weren’t there other men involved? Weren’t they ready to offer a whopping sum to have this actress for a night? Was this just her mistake? Or our society (We) also stands responsible for the plight of such women?

When actors commit suicide because they run out of opportunities in the film industry we feel sorry for them and wish life could have treated them better. I guess we should also share the same empathy for such celebrities who fall into such ditches to meet their financial expenses even after having proved her acting prowess instead of subjecting them to immense humiliation that leaves them with a deep scar for life.If we think that this girl has demeaned the Women race ,well remember in a way or two we have all contributed to this Society where there are women who earn their living in this trade. It was her turn yesterday we might have our turns too when luck runs out and exposes you as a person who violated the Indians laws.Treat Prostitution just like you treat Bribery and Corruption rather than making it a Woman centered subject. 

 And as humans we could do some favour to leave this issue and stay focused on how we could add values to the lives we live and to the Society we live in.

Note:I have shared my opinion on a recent news about an artist who was caught when involved in prostitution.For a few days Tv channels and news articles all seem to be focussed on this actress,discussing about her life  right from her childhood to her present demeaning her in all possible ways.Prostitution is not legal in India and i don support it any form.However instead of Bashing a person's repute and treating it as a woman centered problem i would like people to treat it as an illegal act and realise that we as the Society are responsible for such occurrences just like corruption and Bribery that seem to have found strong roots in our soil.To Err is human and maybe media should stop bringing such events into too much limelight jus for the sake of TRP's.We have other issues to focus on and move on..



  1. Fact is, prostitution is not even illegal in India. There is no law as such which says it is illegal. Still it is a topic where it hurts real bad. This rotten society always protects the criminals(it is crime when a married man buys sex or have sex outside of marriage) and shames the victim or a person who is not at fault.

  2. Wat i really hate about Prostitution is on 'Why it is made a Women centric topic' when it involves Men as well.

  3. True. And then this life-long emotional torture by others when any prostitute seeks for better job or tries to change her life.