Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Cup of Kaffee

When i wake up to the busy world every morning in this foreign land there is something i really miss about the mornings in my country.

A day of chaos starts with a cup of hot filter Kaapi (Coffee) with a newspaper in hand that was jus thrown at your doorway from across the street.It flies almost 20ft from the across the street and lands like a rocket exactly where it has to.I have always admired the lad who does it so finely.And nobody in the neighbourhood is bothered how they received their newspapers.All they want is one to give them company for their morning chai or Coffee.

Aromas of Idlis/dosas/chapatti and Chutneys fill the air in the households.Women are busy packing the lunch boxes and getting the kids ready , for the autowala (auto driver) can come hooting any second to pick the kids up to drop them at school.

Frantic search for handkerchiefs,wallets ,office ID cards in the last minute,running across the street to catch the city bus that takes you all the way to office is the most exciting part of the day.Just as the Bus Conductor gives a whistle blow to signal the driver to start the bus my foot alights on the footboard of the bus.The feeling of accomplishment it gives stays throughout the day.

Morning Markets are just as chaotic as households with vendors shouting to huge crowds of people the price of groceries that day.Sometimes it has made me leap with joy that i am amidst the most bustling part of the world.Sometimes i have felt crappy too ,with all dust in the streets over me, my struggle for the gasp of air in a crowded bus and the extreme noise that emanates from all possible sides of the street.Autos hooting,vendors selling on the pedestrian walking area,smoke that comes out of almost all vehicles at the signal and the adrenaline rush i have while crossing those main roads has given me a disgusted feeling many times.Oh!!Where am i living?But i knew i could never exist if i didn't have all this life around me.

Least did i know that i will soon end up having calm mornings with a newspaper in a language i dont relate to and cup of schwarz Kaffee in my hand.Grim looking people with long black coats with Dogs that follow rules to even bark walking beside them and Cars that dont know to horn but just glide thru’ the streets without making noise are the only things i get to see thru the double glazed windows in the living room of my Apartment.

Stirring my bowl of cereals i see a group of men across the street standing at the signal waiting for it to turn green not uttering a word but jus standing there like robots.
Only thing here that reminds me of my country is the extremely loud voices of the people i hear but to add to my misery i don understand a single word they speak.

I have seen the craziness oozing out of people here only when they are done with a couple of beers at Beer festivals.A smile spreads across my face when i think about the never ending craziness in my country without any catalyst required to trigger it.

When i fly back to my homeland i might miss the calmness that this place offers and my ‘Zeitung’(newspaper) and Schwarz Kaffee and my loud companions on streets speaking in a Language i might comprehend by then.Who knows what the future might offer you with?

I m writing this down not to express my annoyance living here.Life is such a wonderful experience.What we thought was Chaos and want to get away from might be something that you cant actually live without and you realise it only when ur strewn and thrown away somewhere where you can never feel the Chaos.

Relishing small things in life is what most of us dont do.We curse God for not giving the life we intended to live but we never take time sit down to recognise and appreciate the little things that actually add beauty to the lives we live.Appreciate now or never.

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