Friday, February 27, 2015

Lets Take a Selfie Pulla!!!

I was deeply engrossed in capturing the festive beauty of the old city in Heidelberg,Germany
With the Heidelberg castle on the backdrop and River Neckar beaming right beneath us in the Sommer Sun and the old stone Bridge we stood upon was just too perfect for a couple to light up their romantic fervour
With my hands clasped tight embracing my husband , i wished if the moment could hold on for a wee bit..

Like a stone that disrupts the serene waters forming series of disturbing circular waves ,
our moment was perturbed by a group of noisy teens shouting out to their friends to take a Selfie.
It was then i noticed to my dismay that infact the entire old bridge was filled with tourists busy capturing a Selfie before every possible historic setting of the city as a Backdrop.
It striked me hard then of how viral has this ‘Selfie Syndrome’ struck people down.

There are certain moments in our life that are meant to be captured more with our hearts and memories that our eyes never fail to click and store in our hard disk forever.
And all we need to do, to relive those moments is ‘just close your eyes and access your Hard disk chipped inside our brain’

This hard disk is more robust for you can never erase even if you want to..
I have been a victim of this trend too but i have tried not to let it dominate my natural potential to relive my fondest memories.

When i was a kid and went out for a family outing i remember my dad asking another person who was also on a holiday with his family to take a snap of us.And my dad in turn took some photos fof him with his 3 year old daughter.And there were smiles around and some handshakes and if i m not wrong both our families ended up having hearty lunch in a nearby restaurant.

Is this generation heading towards a more Selfie (Selfis) phenomenon in every aspect of our lives?

With a Selfie stick in our hand are we actually taking picture perfect photos or just driving away a real human-human bond and exchange that otherwise might exist.
Lets take a Selfie , post it on Instagram or Facebook and check how many Likes i get!!!!
Those likes may cross 100 but do the real friends and family you confide on during bad times cross this 100?

Selfies might get all the hype but closing your eyes to relive those moments you captured with your heart might be a much fresher and cheaper option too :-) 
And maybe you will feel lighter not dragging your Camera bag , tripod stand and Selfie stick wherever you go!

Note : Lets Take a Selfie Pulla (The title) is the opening lines of a famous local song in my country.

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