Monday, August 10, 2015

It costs you nothing to take a break - Its absolutely fine

It is quite important to comprehend how overwhelming and freezing is the power of negativity. Once that sets in it makes us almost incapacitated to handle anything thereafter. It makes you completely apprehensive about your strengths that you have once upon a time boasted highly off and makes you completely demeaning about yourselves.

‘I stood there cold and shivering facing a group of people in a small room. I was supposed to deliver a lecture and I just felt I had stood there for ages feeling my body go numb and my words struck in my throat.
What had happened to all my speaking skills that I once possessed and was proud of? What had happened to my vivid narrating style that captivated my audiences with awe?’

This is just one anecdote of a person who is victim to the power of negativity that creeped into his life when he went through stages of depression due to illness, relationship failures and that which further aggravated with people around him pointing out his failures.

Years of hard work we put into to establish the goals we set in our lives goes unspoken of when we just do just one thing wrong. These goals necessarily need not have to related to career but also time, effort, sacrifices we invest in making relationships with friends, family and loved ones to work. It hurts, not when people don’t recognize your efforts but spot on the small mistakes that you make.
Well the reason behind this is the Charles Darwin theory ‘struggle for existence’.

Keep Running and if you limp somewhere your out of the race because we have no time to appreciate the efforts you have put so far in keeping the pace. That’s exactly the kind of world we live in. And its made explicit to the person about his failures, though not permanent in nature, casts him into those dark shadows that loom him for ever about his abilities to return back to the race.

How much ever we try to convince ourselves to ignore the society and stay focused about our goals most of us succumb to the temptations of acquired needs of achievement, affiliation and power and to our failures to acquire it.
So none of these words ‘Stay focused, ignore them and keep going’ will really help.

But it might help if we could do our little in not contributing to this society by not labeling anyone as a failure. Because nobody fails in reality. We have set the goals we have the set the boundaries and we are running trying to achieve them. None of it is mandatory. Everybody can take sometime off and be right back when they want to. And as Humans we should try make it easy for people who need a break because we might all get there at some point in our race too.

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