Wednesday, February 26, 2014

We ArE WoMen , NoT OmeN



It leaves me perplexed convoyed with a mixed sense of regret and joy for belonging to the millennial era of womanhood.

Women have become a testament of what a suppressed race can accomplish once their bonds are set free and allowed to open up their otherwise clamped wings in the name of religion or as the inferior race as it has been referred for ages in the history of mankind. They have definitely proved an anomaly to what mankind has perceived this race to be.

They possess an eccentric and effervescent amalgam of determination, patience, love and passion.
Let me take a hiatus here as there are many such works that speak volumes of the plethora this race have accomplished. However I surmise if this steep ascent of women in all races of life has left some deep ravines of emptiness which has warped the bonds which have been for ages attributed to womanhood for holding them together. I might sound a bit euphemistic here but my intentions in writing this down here is a resolute attempt to resuscitate before the future history blames this beautiful race for the annihilation of relationships that people will claim to have been in existence some decades ago, in future.

I do admit that in some murkier borders in this world women are still not considered worthy of a corporeal existence on parity with that of the Mankind but what would happen if we fail to ascertain the murkiness that has got itself entrenched in those otherwise superficially seeming developed civilisations where women are embodied as creatures that could surpass the achievements which were earlier boasted of being only probable by the Manhood.

Education is a manifestation of perfection already in mankind as a famous Indian personality quoted some decades ago. Many have pondered of what this legendary philosopher was trying to convey as the saying seems to intend that Education is already there in humankind then why do we have to study? Why do we have to learn every day? Being a sole possessor of intellectual knowledge of conceptual existence will not suffice. How much of this knowledge possessed has been assimilated into our system that thrives to make a march  into the society that we live in is what he meant by the word ‘manifestation’. Perfection is when a human both spiritually and empirically can use this knowledge to stand on his own legs with a dignified mist of expression hovering in all decisions he makes and every action he proceeds with. The phrase ‘already in Man’ is where truly lies the gravity of what the spiritual leader wanted to convey every soul that ‘the perfection which has to be manifested is already in Man.The process of education is actually a process of purification by which we (humans) will realise the perfectness within’.

Readers of this blog are now quite baffled of why my topic seems a little strayed away from the my sensitive yet intrepid eruption of thoughts focusing on the negative shade that women seem to possess to my sudden spiritual interpretation of the quote regarding Education being a manifestation of perfection already in Man…How do these topics correlate while they seem to be totally incoherent. I would like to culminate my ephemeral drive of imprecise or rather incoherent thoughts as it might seem to avid readers of my article by posing a question which I believe will trigger an adrenaline rush in the thought process with a different perspective…

Have Women really nurtured this Knowledge they have been granted to consume by the changes in the societal systems as ‘manifestation of perfection already in man’ or have they just dwindled the knowledge resources in a livid manner to overcome Mankind in an attempt to capture the greatest treasure humans have created history fighting for ‘POWER’?
My psychometric analysis of humankind belonging to millennial era (maybe just a handful) however through a lot of personal observations has made a shocking revelation as I would like to call it ,is that women who have been portrayed in those leaves of past as an embodiment  of patience , love and passion hardly show traces of it and may have really lost these virtues in their relay holding a baton of greed passing it over in the last few decades to win the Race and surpass the MAN race to hold the medal entitled ‘POWER’.

How many of you here truly have had wonderful inspiring moments with a WOMAN Boss or a woman colleague who is above you in the hierarchy? My questions henceforth or aforementioned are not for the exceptions that are found in every case discussed…
Many men as well as women find it extremely hard to acclimate to an environment where a woman holds Power irrespective of the field be it politics or business or office…POWER blinds mankind which is very factual and applies to men as well however the psychic balance on attainment of POWER is handled better by MEN than Women maybe because they have recently been exposed to the superlative respect it earns in a relatively shorter period of time.

Power is ephemeral in one’s hand and loses it prowess to attract mankind if it decides to stay static in one’s hand. Its transitive nature is what has kept mankind thriving for it in history, raging battles that rippled greed and anguish in human civilisations that left most of us witnessing huge cremations of the virtues of mankind. We have all been brought up hearing the cruel stories of sons of earth slaying/exiling their own kith and kin for this Power that eventually abandons one only in the sole companionship of solitude. However mankind survived those cruel disasters and the process of revival was in existence as Women brought in the much needed balance in those periods in the name of love, patience and passion that nurtured the bonds/relationships for there hardly existed a need for power in these women. Women in this era are quite happy to compromise their relationships if there happens to be a better materialistic prospective awaiting for them elsewhere.

An article on the states that the Divorce rate has doubled over the past 20 years with one of the reasons being ‘financial concerns ‘.Yet another interesting quote by online users posted on the goes like this ‘ you grow up you grow apart’. Seldom do women think about how licentious their children will feel through without a proper parenthood? How will these children grow up with positive and healthy thoughts if they haven’t ever experienced the emotional bonds and strengths a family provides? The virtue of patience made the women in the past to relate to the consequences that would occur if she ends it all in the name of Divorce. Love conquered their hearts and held the loose bonds together to weave them back to the nest that fosters the happiness to flourish in families. Surprisingly decades ago divorce were granted only when either of the two parties in the marital bond had involved in wrong doing in terms harassment or infidelity. However legalisation of No-fault divorces (No-fault divorce is a divorce in which the dissolution of a marriage does not require a showing of wrongdoing by either party. Laws providing for no-fault divorce allow a family court to grant a divorce in response to a petition by either party of the marriage without requiring the petitioner to provide evidence that the defendant has committed a breach of the marital contract- courtesy Wiki) is actually an alarm to the society to where our colonies of human civilisation are heading towards.

I was travelling by train to a nearby city to catch up with some old friends. Those six hours of journey whipped out the sourness in me as I witnessed a drama that a modern day couple seated right before me put up. The woman was just like out of The Vogue and it seemed like the man though sober had indulged in looking stylish enough to suit his better half. The first few hours of the flight flew really fast watching their public displays of affection ,a little overboard at times that made other co-passengers sulk their heads away as if they have just witnessed a scene of crime, quite understandable disposition in a conservative southernmost state of a South Asian country. However their passion for each other was soon perturbed by a ring on the Man’s mobile. His loud voice made it quite apparent that he was on an official call for some updates regarding the work he had dispensed to his colleague to leave on a vacation with his sensuous wife. The call lasted an hour long which is not quite unusual for Asians who find their living selling themselves as outsourced consultants to a huge lot of Multinational companies listed in the Fortune 500.Just as he placed down the mobile looking really weary after his long conversation ensuring his colleague is comfortable with the work he has been entrusted with, his wife out of the VOGUE picked up a huge spat as he had ignored her for an hour. The spectacle that continued after the tiff was amusing for most of the co-passengers but for me it left a deep bearing as I was taken aback by dismay on the patience levels and reasoning levels the woman possessed. The rest of journey continued as I watched the woman spoke no word to her @No-Fault Husband who was trying to win the smile back on her face but in vain. As the train made a halt at its final destination the woman just scurried through the crowd carrying her bag and stormed past her husband in a relentless manner, who by now was completely in regret as he had just realised what his vacation awaited him with. Hailing from a land which speaks loads about traditions, conservatism and respect for others left me panicking watching the culture that exists now.

Making life happier or worse lies in the hands of only women as they possess this unique proficiency of thinking with their hearts. I’m quite apprehensive if these societal changes empowering woman to excel to attain the POWER which they subsequently deserve is making the aforementioned ‘unique proficiency of thinking with their hearts’ rather extinct. A battle between Heart and Mind persuades every human to act against Heart as it holds more of non-materialistic stuff that is seldom considered out-dated for making a living in the competitive world we live in.While Men succumb to the mindful yearnings, women put a step back to analyse the consequences that the action of these foolish men would cause, in order to defend the harmony in their lives. This patience is slowly fading away from woman which has led to a steady surge in divorce rates, parent less children, Teen criminals etc. I’m not attributing all the criminal charges to this facet of woman but I believe we should not be contributing towards anything other than harmony, peace and love. 

Let our beautiful race do our bit as Manifesters of perfection with the Education that has gotten its way into our lives by the rapid leap in the once native thinking of our society. A true education should spare a woman of insecurities but however most of us witness a vice versa scenario which stresses that we have not perfected the manifestation already in us through this education.

Power might award respect from society, Money and a luxurious living but there will come a day in everyone’s life when you will have to descend that steep slope which while climbing you had the age, vigor and power but alas you won’t possess this while you descend which is when we realise the significance of bonds/relationships you had strewn apart during your ascent. Let education make our womanhood more strong by hearts and be powerful enough to not break bonds but to build them because Men are not capable of what we are ‘Multitasking’. Truly Said 

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