Saturday, February 1, 2014

Miles Away

Miles away a daughter yearns to be with them
Spiteful perhaps

What beholds then
is a tear that trickles down her worn cheeks..
Reminiscing how true her mother was
Sons fade as a freckle does
Daughters remain as a mole forever
Women’s exquisite enfolds the mistiness deep within
The 2 dimensional finery of HIS creation
To adorn Adam’s life
I do not deny the innocence that exists in some
Perhaps they are ones entitled as Angels
Boundless would be my delight
If all of this race could be Angels
With an inclination to Build and Bond
Rather than to Drift and Rule
An island looks picturesque when seen from far
Men may relish the peace it offers
But it Casts away the pure Love you once owned
I detest the thought of being an Island
Choice lies with us…
But lets try to be Angels from heart within
For the future to cherish the virtues of bond that were left behind
Women stay as WOMEN and not as Omens that destroyed the Peace”
She becomes murkier the other way
As she drifts the Son apart from his loved ones 
In the name of BITTER love



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