Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Living beyond life

Looking Beyond!!

As i looked deep into his eyes
It spoke volumes of the love that was gushing through his veins
The wind gusted harder
Pushing the greek lord close to me
As i held his hand
His breath sounded loud enough
loud enough to hear his heart cry out his love for me
If Cronus could hear the wails under the deep boulders of my heart
i would have summoned him to freeze the moment
that brought us together
during the last hours of our dying love
the love that couldn't make its way on this mother earth
perhaps its destined to outlive beyond the horizons
that paved its way to the god's paradise
The battlefield was now a grave
The wounded lord in the arms of the woman he loves
pushing her veil she bent down
lending her lips to lessen his pain
to bid a farewell to the departing soul
little did he know
that his lady love was soon to pursue his way
for the potion of poison consumed
learning the news of dying warrior


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